When is the cheapest time to book a holiday?

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When is the cheapest time to book a holiday?

Your annual leave has just been refreshed and you are SO ready for a holiday. We know the feeling. You might be tempted to book your holiday right away, but we’ve crunched the numbers and have found the cheapest time to book a holiday without a hefty price tag.

Which is the cheapest month to book a holiday?

Holiday prices vary throughout the year, depending on when you’re planning on travelling, where you’re headed, and more. So to find the cheapest deals, make sure to book at the right time of year – here are your best bets for nabbing a budget-friendly break.

For a summer holiday

The best time to book your summer holiday is generally in the first few months of the year, especially January. The January sales are in full swing throughout the travel world with discounts and added extras popping up left, right, and centre. But not only are the deals top-notch, there also tends to be more options available from the start of the year – plus, airlines keep their prices low too!

For a winter holiday

If you’re looking for a cheap winter holiday, you’ll want to start your search in the summer months. After hunkering down, multiple comparison sites have concluded that booking 4 months in advance is the way to get the best deals on winter sun holidays.

But if you’re looking for a skiing holiday this winter, you’ll need a lot more planning. 10-12 months in advance is where you get the best deals so you should start looking around January and February for next year’s holiday! Crazy, right?! At least it gives you time to get some practice in.

For a last minute holiday

If you need an immediate escape from the day-to-day, the best deals start popping up 4 weeks before you want to leave. If you’re flexible with dates, this is where you can get some of the best deals on short breaks and long-haul escapes. Don’t worry if you’re running on school term time, you’ll be okay to give yourself 5 weeks to book the cheapest last minute holidays.

When is the cheapest time to go on holiday?

As expected, the best time to nab the best deals on your holiday is to go away outside of peak times. Whether this means avoiding school holidays or going somewhere colder over the winter, prices are normally slashed, and you could see super savings.

Outside of school holidays

Travelling outside of the school holidays is an almost sure-fire way to spend less on holiday packages.

You’ll often see bigger savings if you book your summer holiday in May, June, or September. These are the ‘shoulder months’ where it’s still hot and sunny in most of the top destinations but there are smaller crowds.

If it’s a winter holiday you’re after, you’ll want to look at jetting off in November, early December, and January. However, winter sun destinations will be busier this time of year as Brits try to escape the cold.

During the school holidays

Holidaying with the kids during school holidays? There are still some great deals to be had.

As expected, August is the most popular and most expensive time to travel outside of term time. But according to Which? and Skyscanner, the cheapest weeks to go abroad over the summer holidays are the last 2 weeks. If your school starts its summer break earlier or later than others, you’ll definitely want to consider those weeks as there will be less demand, meaning lower prices.

The cheapest time to travel during the school holidays is the May half term. Not all countries have this week off, so you can normally find some great deals. To top it all off, May is already one of the cheapest months for a holiday – you’re sure to bag a bargain!

Also, make the most of inset and teacher training days for a city break or weekend away. While you might not be able to travel far, city breaks are a great way to have fun at a lower price and really breaks up the longer term times (we’re looking at you, term 2).

When to get the best deals on flights

The best time to book your flights is usually 3 months before you travel, or 6 months if you’re jetting off during the peak summer season. This means that January tends to be the cheapest month for bookings. If you’re flexible, it’s often better to fly mid-week, especially on a Tuesday. Picking an early, late, or overnight flight can also work to your advantage.

The golden rules of booking your dream holiday

Avoid peak times
Travel mid-week

Check the weather

Choose your board type wisely – is All Inclusive your best option?

Book your attraction tickets in advance

Do your research

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