Trinidad and Tobago Flag

Trinidad and Tobago Map

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Tobago Image by awegner58 from Pixabay

Trinidad and Tobago Map

Trinidad and Tobago map

10 Fun Facts About Trinidad and Tobago

  1. Trinidad and Tobago is the home of the steel pan.

  2. Trinidad and Tobago is the home of Soca and Calypso music.

  3. The birth place of the Greatest Show on Eart. Yes we’re talking about Carnival.

  4. Home to the first black Miss Universe Pageant winner.

  5. The amazing athletic prowess that is limbo was invented here.

  6. Tobago has the largest brain coral in the world.

  7. They have the largest above-ground caves in the Caribbean

  8. Tobago has the worlds oldest protected rain forest in the Western hemisphere.

  9. The world’s largest deposit of Asphalt (aka pitch) can be found in La Brea Trinidad.

  10. Home to the second largest leather back turtle nesting site.

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