Trinidad and Tobago Flag Multifunctional Dust-Proof Bandana (Filter Compatible) (Pack of 5)

Multifunctional Dust-Proof Bandana – The bandana is made of smooth elastic polyester that is super soft, breathable and comfortable. One size fits most, great for both men and women use.

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Multifunctional Dust-Proof Bandana(Filter Compatible)(Pack of 5)

Skin Friendly Fabric, 100% Polyester, Soft and Breathable, Multi-Functional

18.52 Oz. 100% polyester fabric. One side printing.

Breathable and elastic fabric brings you a comfort.

Quick-drying fabric. Protects against wind, sun and dust.

Over 10 ways to wear the bandanas, like face shield, neck scarf, wristband, hairband and so on.

Comes with 5 pieces bandanas.

The front area can insert a mask filter.

The filter compartment size(W x H) is 5.12″ x 2.95″ approximately.

Filter Replaceable – The replaceable filter insert paper for face mask is disposable and cannot be washed, it should be replaced regularly.

Flat measurement(W x H) of bandana is 10″ x 14.5″ approximately.

* Please note due to sanitary reasons, all face coverings sold are final sale and cannot be returned.

Please note, these face coverings are not a replacement for medical grade face masks. These allow medical grade masks to be saved for the front line.

These masks may create a barrier to prevent particle spread, however this cannot be guaranteed. I need to make these disclaimers to ensure you know that you are not buying a mask that is medical grade.

These masks may assist you to avoid touching your face, mouth and nose.

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Trinidad And Tobago Flag Multifunctional Dust-Proof Bandana (Filter Compatible) (Pack Of 5)