Saint Kitts & Nevis Map

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Saint Kitts & Nevis Map

10 Fun Facts About Saint Kitts and Nevis

  1. Saint Kitts and Nevis is the smallest island in the Caribbean with the islands being just 104 square miles.

  2. Saint Kitts and Nevis are the Caribbean’s oldest colonized territories.

  3. St. Kitts and Nevis are volcanic islands which boast tropical forest as well and amazing mountains.

  4.  The national flower of St. Kitts is the Royal Poinciana

  5. They have white beaches and black volcanic beaches depending on what side of the island you are on.

  6. The islands are known for ‘goat water,’ a stew usually made from the neck bones and meat of goats.

  7.  St Kitts and Nevis, the first English colony in the Caribbean

  8. This beautiful twin island also has Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park a well-preserved example of 17th-18th century military architecture in the Caribbean, it was designed by the British and built by African slaves. 

  9. St Kitts and Nevis are separated by a stretch of sea called the “Narrows,” which is 2 miles (3.2 kilometres) long.

  10. Culturama is a public holiday in Saint Kitts and Nevis, observed on the Tuesday after the first Monday in August.

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