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Jamaica Island Map

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jamaica map

10 Fun Facts About Jamaica

  1. Jamaica is an island in the Caribbean Sea with a population size of about 2.8 million.

  2.  The island of Jamaica is located just south of Cuba with is capital city being called Kingston.

  3. Jamaica has a size of 10,990 square kilometers.

  4. Jamaica was the first Caribbean nation to gain independence in 1962

  5. Jamaica is an island that has many mountains with only a narrow band of coastal plains.

  6. The name Jamaica comes from the native Taíno word “haymaca” meaning “Land of Wood and Water” or  “Land of Springs”.

  7. Jamaica is the third largest island in the Caribbean – after Cuba and Hispaniola (Haiti and the Dominican Republic).

  8. Jamaica is the birth place of Reggae and the amazingly talented Bob Marley.

  9. Bob Marley’s “Legend” is the highest selling reggae record of all time.

  10. Jamaica is home to over 200 species of exotic orchid, 73 of which are indigenous.

  11. Jamaica’s Kingston Harbor is the seventh-largest natural harbor in the world.

  12. Jamaica is home to the fastest man in the world, Usain Bolt. 

  13. The national flag of Jamaica is one of two in the world that have no colors in common with the U.S. flag.

  14. Jamaica has 50 public beaches all the island that are open to tourists. The most famous of these are Negril and Doctor’s Cave Beach in Montego Bay.

  15. Jamaica became the first tropical country to enter a Winter Olympic event  – the bobsled in 1988.

Jamaica Island Map

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