Europe’s top 5 Christmas Foods: A Guide on Where to Visit

Whether you’re in search of Christmas food inspo to impress you friends and family or dying to try out some of Europe’s favourite Christmas foods, don’t worry, we have you covered.

Take a peek at our guide of Europe’s Top 5 Festive Foods and get yourself in the festive spirit by hopping on a plane to Europe to try out as many of these tasty festive treats, just in time for Christmas!

1. Turron De Navidad, Madrid

Spanish treats don’t come any more traditional than Turron De Navidad in Madrid. The super soft almond candy melts in your mouth and consists of only three ingredients: toasted almonds, egg whites and honey.

This sweet dessert dates to Moorish times and is a favourite among Spaniards at Christmas time. You’ll usually find two types being sold in shops, Jijon ortuttón blando (a silky-smooth peanut butter) or Turrón blando, a thicker, more indulgent almond nougat.

2. Speculoos, Belgium

Speculoos are the seasonal biscuits of Belgium, given to children when St Nicholas is out delivering Christmas gifts. They’re a spiced gingerbread biscuit or Biscoff, which are extra crunchy on the outside but super soft on the inside. They go down well with a tall glass of milk or steaming hot chocolate.

The Christmassy designs and quirky shapes of these biscuits are what make these biscuits extra special – so whilst you’re visiting, why not buy a box as a gift for someone special or failing that, scoff the lot all by yourself!

3. Panettone, Italy

Ah the legendary panettone – it’s now become a classic across the world and during the festive season takes it pride place in the centre of all delis across Italy. The towering dome shaped pudding has a texture which is in between a fluffy cake and sweet bread, with a ridiculously rich, buttery taste.

The inside is super fluffy, filled with candied fruit and sometimes chocolate. You can eat yours alone, laden with butter, fresh cream or how about a generous spread of fruity jams? Buon appetito!

4. Buche de Noel, Paris

How could we leave out the iconic Buche de Noel (Yule Log). This traditional French Christmas dessert is the main dessert centrepiece in every French household and it’s not hard to see why! If you’re not a fan of Christmas pudding, stop by Paris and take a bite out of this deliciously decadent desert and we guarantee you’ll be transported to chocolate heaven!

The cake is rolled out into a log shape and filled with chocolate and whipped cream, then decorated with icing sugar that resembles snow to create a little bit of winter magic! Genius.

5. Bolo Rei, Portugal

If you’re visiting Portugal during Christmas, you’ll have to hunt down this famous cake! The regal Christmas Kings Cake is basically a fancier Christmas cake and almost always sold out on Christmas Eve – so make sure you get yours in time! Its light spice and variety of fruits and nuts make it marvellously moreish, but it’s the glacier cherry jewels which form the festive wreath topping that impress.

Like the English hide money in a Christmas pudding, some of the Bolo Rei include a small prize or fava bean hidden inside the cake. If you’re unfortunate enough to find one in your slice, you’ll have to bake the Bolo Rei for next Christmas – unlucky!

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Europe’s Top 5 Christmas Foods: A Guide On Where To Visit



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