Embrace Caribbean Elegance: How to Style Your Short Sarong Wrap

When it comes to beach fashion, few items are as versatile and elegant as the short sarong wrap. Inspired by the vibrant culture and natural beauty of the Caribbean, this piece of clothing not only adds a touch of exotic charm to your beach ensemble but also offers endless styling possibilities. In this blog post, we'll guide you on how…


Island Hopping in the Caribbean: A Traveler’s Guide

The Caribbean, with its turquoise waters, pristine beaches, and a rich tapestry of cultures, offers an ideal setting for a unique travel experience. One of the best ways to explore this enchanting region is through island hopping. Imagine going from one tropical paradise to another, each with its own charm and character. In this guide, we'll take you on a…


Caribbean Kulture Creations: Patriotic Caribbean Clothing

In the heart of the Caribbean, where sun, sea, and vibrant cultures blend seamlessly, there's a brand that embodies the essence of the islands. Caribbean Kulture Creations (CKC) takes pride in its mission to showcase the beauty, diversity, heritage, and culture of the Caribbean through its stunning line of patriotic Caribbean clothing. With the widest Patriotic Island Clothing and Apparel…


Embrace the Enchanting Spirit: A Guide to Martinique’s Public Holidays

At Caribbean Kulture Creations (CKC), we love to celebrate the vibrant cultures and traditions of the Caribbean islands. If you're planning a trip to the enchanting island of Martinique, get ready to immerse yourself in a symphony of vibrant traditions and jubilant celebrations. To ensure you make the most of your visit, we've crafted an all-inclusive guide to Martinique's public…


CKC: Caribbean Clothing for Women

Escape to the mesmerizing Caribbean islands through your fashion choices and embrace the vibrant charm that resonates with the spirit of the Caribbean. From the lush tropical landscapes to the rhythmic beats of the music, the Caribbean exudes an aura of joy, energy, and cultural diversity. Incorporating Caribbean-inspired clothing into your wardrobe allows you to infuse your style with a…

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Simple flag of Martinique.

Martinique Public Holidays 2022

Martinique Image by orythys from Pixabay Looking to visit Martinique in next year. Check out our list of Martinique Public Holidays 2022. Date NameType1 JanSaturdayNew YearPublic Holiday28 FebMondayCarnival / Shrove MondayObservance1 MarTuesdayCarnival / Shrove TuesdayObservance2 MarWednesdayCarnival / Ash WednesdayObservance20 MarSundayMarch EquinoxSeason18 AprMondayEaster MondayPublic Holiday1 MaySundayLabor DayPublic Holiday8 MaySundayVictory DayPublic Holiday22 MaySundayAbolition DayPublic Holiday26 MayThursdayAscension DayPublic Holiday6 JunMondayWhit MondayPublic Holiday21 JunTuesdayJune SolsticeSeason14…