7 of the scariest places in Europe to celebrate Halloween

Trick or treat yourself to one of these ghoulishly good city breaks this Halloween…

Ah, the spooky season is upon us again, when the haunted night sky is lit with witches on brooms and the sweet smell of caramelised apples fill the autumnal air. Hop on your broom (or plane) and get ready to explore Europe’s most haunted Halloween cities. Think eerie buildings, devilish festivities, and spooky attractions. Be warned, these cities aren’t for the faint hearted.

Here are 7 of the scariest places in Europe for you to celebrate. If you brave the scare, you’ll be in for a spooktacular treat, that’s guaranteed to cast a spell on you!


The Disney villains are invading the park – the question is, do you dare to join them?! For a screaming good time, get your Halloween party started at Disneyland Paris on 29th and 31st October. Brace yourself for a terrifyingly terrific night of scary parades, spooky activities, and frighteningly fun encounters with all your favourite Disney characters! So, why not get in the spirit and dress up as a gruesome Disney villain and party the night away with the ghosts and ghouls at the disenchanted ball. You’ll be bewitched by The Evil Queen from Snow White and her villainous friends, for a full night of ghastly grooves and spooky songs!


Be afraid, be very afraid. Houska Castle is known for being one of the spookiest paranormal places in the world.  According to legend, this isolated gothic castle first began its life from a small crack in the ground. This grew into a gigantic opening, that’s now thought to be the gateway to hell. Houska has caused quite a scare with locals, who’ve reported screaming coming from underground, as well as sightings of ghosts and a wandering headless horse! The castle was supposedly taken over during the war by German soldiers to conjure up cunning plans.


Ghost stories don’t come any creepier than Loftus Hall. Ireland’s most famous haunted house is believed to be occupied by the ghost of a woman and the devil himself. The eerie story states that the house was paid a visit by a stranger on horseback. He was invited into the home, by young Lady Anne Tottenham, who took a liking to him. One night playing cards, she discovered his secret – hooves instead of feet! Immediately the stranger shot through the roof into a ball of flames. Lady Anne grew insane and was locked in the tapestry room, where she died years later. Since then, guests who’ve visited the house have claimed they have witnessed her ghost roam the house at night… peek-a-boo!


Ok, I know what you’re thinking, the city of love – how can Rome be scary?! Well, below the picturesque plazas lies creepy catacombs. This spine-tingling underground maze is one of the largest and best known ancient underground cemeteries. Take a wander down the dingy chambers and you’ll be met with likes of skull encrusted tombs and gruesome burial niches, decorated with occasional ornate frescos. Spooky fact: these catacombs are some of the oldest in the world and house the bodies of the first Christians of Rome, and pagan citizens. It doesn’t get any creepier than that!


Double, double, toil and trouble. Chalet Biester is known as the Witches House and brings all the mystical magic. The Neo-gothic house was the famous setting for Roman Polansky’s supernatural thriller, The Ninth Gate, starring Johnny Depp. It has seven thrilling underground floors, sure to put you in a hex and supposedly holds one of the three copies of the Devil book. The castle is believed to have evil powers and tells a tale of a little girl, who lived in a house next to the castle. Legend has it, she accidentally fell from cliffs, close to the castle and died. Afterwards, many people experienced misfortune, while others have seen sightings of a girl, holding a doll in the castle walls. Without doubt, this conjures up spooky vibes!


You didn’t think we’d leave Romania off our list, did you?! It isn’t Halloween without a trip to Bran Castle, Dracula’s blood-lust home, in Transylvania. The iconic gothic castle is famous all over the world, thanks to the devilishly good novel: Dracula, by Bram Stoker. Take a bite of culture at this legendary setting, where you’ll discover Dracula’s heinous crimes, make friends with bats and go on your own vampire hunts in the depths of this sinister castle. You never know what creepy creatures you’ll bump into. So, grab your cape and prepare for a night of scary mysteries that surround this spooky castle. You can count us in.


Experience a little bit of hell at Ir-Razzett tax-Xitan. Malta’s national monument is believed to be built by the devil in just a day. Originally, the 18th Century stone farmhouse served as a horse stable during the Knights’ ruling but is said to be the devil’s work because of its two terrifying fenced staircases, which create the illusion of protruding devils’ horns. Its structure is unlike any other Maltese farmhouses, with no wells or water facilities, so it’s hard to believe anyone’s ever lived in this haunted building! To make things even creepier, people have heard music coming from the house at midnight. There’s something’s strange in the neighbourhood, did somebody call ghost busters?!

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7 Of The Scariest Places In Europe To Celebrate Halloween



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