5 Things I Love About The Caribbean

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5 Things I Love About The Caribbean

The Caribbean is known for its vibrancy, energy, spirit and joy. There is so much to fall in love with when you visit any Caribbean island. The list can really be endless, but today we’re just going to look at our top 5.

I'M A Lover Not A Fighter!

Caribbean people are an amazingly, loving and giving people but we will call you out on your nonsense. But in general we are loving giving people. I grew up among people of all colour, creed, race and socio-economic backgrounds. This diversity has given me a healthy love and respect for people that don’t look like me. It has also given me the privilege of living in a space, that while we still have our issues there is a healthy give and take of respect, cultural experience and customs. This mutual sharing of customs and culture amongst each other has fostered a mix of people that are uniquely Caribbean. This uniqueness is reflected in every aspect of our society and on every island that you visit in the Caribbean region. It can be seen in our loving and welcoming nature, in our food, in the way we interact with the world.

5 Things I Love About The Caribbean

Caribbean People Have The Most Fun!

Hey, you know its true. Show me any Caribbean island and its people and they know how to party and let loose. Caribbean people can “bus’ ah lime any where any time”. One of the reason for this is our understanding that while working is important and necessary for life so is fun and joy. I mean we created carnival at time where we were trying to maintain our identity and individuality from slave owners. We created our own styles of music eg. Soca, Reggae and Dancehall to name a few. We even created our own instruments aka. The Steel Pan. The creativity and ingenuity of Caribbean people has contributed to the healing of the world by show casing the unity that can be achieved among people of different cultures when we embrace and love each other. In a world something is always changing for the better or the worst I admire and love the spirit of joy and commandry that is always prevalent among my Caribbean people and its islands.

5 Things I Love About The Caribbean

Caribbean Food

OMG!! As a complete foodie I can tell you that I love our foooooddd! Now the reason I love our food is not only because we season and cook everything, but also because of the diversity and love that is represented in our food. When you look at the Caribbean diaspora it can be clearly seen that that we have people from every corner of the globe represented in some form or fashion. Food from every major ethic region is also represented in the Caribbean. We just cook it with a little extra Caribbean flavor which is undeniable or unbeatable (in my opinion). In the Caribbean food is a major way we come together, it not only helps us bond but also encourages us to develop more love and understanding for each other. It teaches us about each others customs and practices. It builds bond of respect and appreciation because we are able to connect with everyone on such a basic level.

Some of the major food regions represented in the Caribbean are:

  • African Food from all over the continent (because lets face it slavery)
  • India – persons of East Indian decent came to the Caribbean as indentured servants and brought with them some amazing food as well as created signature Caribbean dishes. Have you heard of doubles.
  • Spain – because the Caribbean was colonized by the Spanish initially their influence on our food and in many aspects of our society clearly evident today.
  • China – throughout the Caribbean Chinese persons can be found along with their food contributions.

We Live In A Vacation Destination

Lets forget the Covid-19 that has everyone under lockdown at the moment. I live on the beautiful twin island state of Trinidad and Tobago. The love and appreciation I feel for where I am in the world is boundless. I mean I live in the party capital of the Caribbean, which can we can also boast that we have some of the most beautiful beaches in the world as well as spectacular hiking trails, waterfalls, rivers and nature reserves with an array of birds to watch. Any Caribbean island that you visit or live on is a slice of paradise. From the laid back peace and tranquility that can be  found in Grenada or Saint Lucia, to the energy and party vibes of Jamaica or Trinidad and Tobago, or the pride, history and culture of Haiti. Every Caribbean Island has something for everyone.

5 Things I Love About The Caribbean
5 Things I Love About The Caribbean

We Are All Family

One of things I love most about being a Caribbean citizen is that no matter where in the world we are island people, we are family. There is just such a deep connection and spirit of friendship and comradery among Caribbean people. Its always warms heart to know that no matter where in the world we meet, I met a friend.